9 Best Electric Longboard 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best electric longboard

Longboarding has always been fun sport and a convenient source for commuting. But with the passage of time and modern technology, the new electric longboards are making their space in longboard stores. Now longboarders prefer to buy electric longboards for cruising, carving as well as commuting.

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Top Pick Electric Longboard 2022

MEEPO Electric Skateboard,Longboard

MEEPO Electric Skateboard,Longboard

MEEPO electric skateboard and longboard can offer you 29 miles per hour of speed! What else do you need? Also, it can go 11 miles with a fully charged battery. Not only does it have a long-lasting battery, but also it gets fully charged real quick, which is a great benefit for riders using it as a source of transportation. Besides, it has 4 modes for speed with different speed ranges. If you are a professional, this board is for you.

  • Very fast
  • Smooth ride
  • Great for professionals and beginners

Electric longboards offer more speed with the relaxation of control for the rider. Learning to ride an electric longboard is not difficult. You don’t need much training to ride electric longboards if you know how to ride a regular longboard. Only learning how to use the remote controller is the main piece of work. Also, You can reach your workplace or college at time with these easy-to-carry electric longboards without getting stuck in the traffic. An electric longboard can cover 30 miles per hour at max and that is a good speed for longboards. All these benefits of electric longboards have made people choose electric longboards over regular ones.

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Top 3 Best Electric Longboard 2022

MEEPO Electric Skateboard,Longboard

MEEPO Electric Skateboard,Longboard

  • Very fast
  • Smooth ride
  • Great for professionals and beginners
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze

  • Fair price
  • Great speed
  • Useful additional features
Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard

Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard

  • Fair price
  • Long battery life
  • Quality deck

From the list of numerous longboards, the best electric longboards will certainly have some additional or quality features. But the answer to which one is best for you lies in the answer to what are your specifications for an electric longboard. 

So first you will need to know what type of electric longboard will be best for you. Go through the buying guide below for finding that out. Once you have determined that, we have a list of some of the best electric longboards out there below:

10 Best Electric Longboards in 2022

Now it’s time to look at the options for buying an electric longboard. We have enlisted some of the best electric longboards with their pros and cons so that you can select the most suitable one after going through the list.

1: MEEPO Electric Skateboard,Longboard

MEEPO Electric Skateboard,Longboard

MEEPO electric skateboard and longboard can offer you 29 miles per hour of speed! What else do you need? Also, it can go 11 miles with a fully charged battery. Not only does it have a long-lasting battery, but also it gets fully charged real quick, which is a great benefit for riders using it as a source of transportation. Besides, it has 4 modes for speed with different speed ranges. If you are a professional, this board is for you. 

Very sturdy and grips your feet well. However, still, I would say to be careful about the speed in the third and fourth modes, even if you are a professional. It offers a very smooth ride compared to many other boards so you might lose balance or control at higher speeds. I never rode it in the fourth mode; it feels dangerous. But the 2nd and 3rd modes are very reliable for cruising, commuting, carving, downhill, or uphill.

Just like the smoothness of wheels, the braking system is also very efficient. So you have to be able to control it when you need to take a sudden break. Also, watch for those sharp turns. 

I felt the need to tighten the bearings a bit at the first ride, as they were loose and making the wheels wobble a bit. After tightening them, my second ride was very smooth. Besides that, all the parts of the board function well and are durable, and the remote controller works efficiently.

It feels like a board totally for professionals, but beginners can also ride it at 1st or 2nd mode of speed. It has the LO mode for beginners. Great board at a great price. 

  • Very fast
  • Smooth ride
  • Great for professionals and beginners
  • Dangerous at the highest speeds

2: SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard

Skateboard Breeze 2 is a great board for speed and stability. I owned a Tornado before for over 1 and half years and compared to it, this board is way better in letting you ride smoothly with the flexible deck. However, Tornado has a battery life for 24 miles while Breeze goes over 11 miles on medium mode. Which was still enough battery life for me to use it as a transport source.

It’s really very fast and reliable for commuting or racing with friends. 

Deck is strong and flexible, it can easily carry up to 220 lbs weight and still maintain a good speed of about 20 miles per hour. With some changes in the setting and depending on the rider’s weight, I am sure it can cover 30 mph as well. I once tried uphilling with this board, and even though I wasn’t expecting much from it, it was awesome. It went over a steep hill with good speed. 

Breeze offers a comfortable ride once you learn to control it correctly, so don’t be too quick to judge it and keep practicing with it. 

Coming to the features, this board has it all! Replaceable batteries and wheels, four modes of speed, as well as 4 brake settings for the style of your longboarding. You can change the settings with the remote controller. 

Moreover, it has 2 tail lights which add to the looks of the board and also work as an indicator for riding at night.

It is a quality board, but the battery is not durable. After riding for 150 to 200 miles, you might feel the need to replace it as it will start to drain quickly, as happened in my case. Otherwise, this board is worth buying.

  • Fair price
  • Great speed
  • Useful additional features
  • Smooth and flexible deck
  • The battery is not durable

3: Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard

Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard

Blitzart Hurricane electric longboard is the best for speed. As mentioned in the description, It can cover up to 19 miles per hour. A great speed for cruising, commuting, carving and downhilling. Being a professional rider, I was looking for a speedy and stable ride and was lucky to find this board. 

It is fairly priced and performs better than some of the other boards of the same price. 

To begin with, the deck is 10/10 for both durability as well as stability as the grip tape of the board keeps your feet well adjusted on the board. The remote controller is easy to hold and lets the rider control the board with comfort. Besides the control and efficiency of both the board and the controller, the Blizzard longboard is up to the mark in terms of performance for a professional rider. Battery life at max speed is up to 8 to 10 miles and it gets recharged fully within 3 hours. 

I liked the reversibility feature of this board a lot. It is highly beneficial for commuters who have to ride the board on the roads while going to school and colleges and have to move forward or backward abruptly. 

I didn’t like the wheels and replaced them with my favorite ones, which was easy because of the hub motor. 

Besides wheels, other parts of the board are of fine quality. However, if you are a beginner or just a commuter you wouldn’t feel the need to change them either. They are big and go well over bumpy roads. Also, the remote controller is a quality product and the board responds to it efficiently. In short, for this price, you get a nice board with adequate speed and battery life for commuting or beginner-level rides

  • Fair price
  • Quality deck
  • Good speed
  • Holding handle
  • Long battery life
  • Heavy board
  • Speed is inadequate for race

4: Teamgee H8 31″ Electric Skateboard
Specs: 15 MPH Top Speed, 480W Motor, 8 Miles Range, 11.6 Lbs, 10 Layers Maple Longboard

 Teamgee H8 31" Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H8 electric skateboards have proven to be a great choice for commuting. But do it justice by only comparing it with beginner level boards. That’s because the board is not a costly one and therefore, not durable for more than 6 months of use. 

However, I loved its performance and the speed i.e 15 miles per hour is more than enough for commuting and cruising unless you are a professional rider who needs up to 20 mph of speed. Also, the speed depends on several factors including the surface conditions and weight of the rider. I am 165 lbs and the board gives me a smooth ride at a speed of 15 mph. 

Although the weight of the board is mentioned in the description, the board seems a little heavy being made of maple wood. Or maybe I have only owned lightweight longboards before this one. 

The remote controller works well and efficiently. It’s super easy to control with it even for starters. Just read the instructions properly. Moreover, all the parts of the longboard are of amazing quality and durable. Trucks are tightened enough but you can loosen them if you want to with the tool that comes with the longboard. 

As a board for beginners, it provides enough stability and is comfortable to ride. Package includes accessories, tools for adjusting parts of the longboard, night light and front and back pads. These things are a great combination for the longboard but the front pad of my longboard was not attached properly. It fell off somewhere during my third or fourth ride. I hope that the other one won’t fall off. 

As long as you take good care of this board, protect it from water, the performance and looks of this board will be satisfactory. Still, things do last someday.

  • Good speed
  • Deck is strong
  • Amazing grip
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • A little heavy
  • Average battery life
  • Not for professionals 

5: Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard

Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for an electric board for your kid or to begin with something for learning, Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate will be the perfect choice for you. It offers a ride with adequate speed for kids, teens, and beginners. I got this board when I was about to learn longboarding about 7 months ago. Almost 10 miles per hour at max which was adequate for me. Until now I was using it mainly for commuting and cruising. It’s a flexible board and gives a smooth ride and you have to kick less. Turning smoothly with it even at the highest speed and over bumpy or rough surfaces is very easy. 

However, don’t let your kids begin with the highest speeds, because it would be difficult to stop it as there is no remote controller for it and that’s the only thing I didn’t like about this board. It would have been much easier to control it with a controller. The board has a sensor that makes it stop automatically when you get off the board.

It has backlights that add to its looks besides the cool design. Truly a board for kids and teens! 

The deck of the board is very flexible and sturdy with a nice grip for safe rides. Being made of polyurethane, it is durable and can carry weight up to 150 lbs. Moreover, the battery life of this board is adequate for kids riding for fun as well as for teens to use it as a source of transportation.

Although it’s great for beginners, as soon as you get an expert in riding and want to try out new things with your board. You will have to get a better board with more speed. For the quality and performance, the price of this board is quite reasonable. I checked some other boards also when i was buying and glad that i got the right one.

  • Cool design
  • Worth the price
  • Great for beginners
  • No remote controller
  • No speed for going up uphills

6: Kyng 37″ H5 Electric Skateboard with Remote
Specs: 22 MPH / 960W Dual Motors / 11 Mile Range | Wireless LCD Remote, 10-Layer Maple Deck, High Speed Longboard

Kyng 37" H5 Electric Skateboard with Remote

I was looking for a board that will offer me a stable and speedy ride to go to work every day and I bought a Kyng Electric skateboard after checking all the reviews. As it has a hub motor, you have the option of replacing the wheels which I did to ride on my favorite ones of my previous board. However, the stock wheels are also nice and roll smoothly. 

This board is fast! I can cover 22 miles per hour and carry up to 220 lbs of weight as the deck is made of maple and fiberglass. It is thick and quite durable.

Although the ride is very smooth, the turning is not so sharp at speed and you will have to slow it down for making a smooth turn. Or you can simply loosen the trucks if you feel the need. The battery lasts long enough for riding to work for me and it also gets charged really fast. 

This board is worth the price for the performance and features it has. Such as the light on the remote can be used as a flash to indicate someone on the road if he/she doesn’t see you coming.  It also has a battery indicator for both the remote itself and the skateboard. Besides, it is super easy to control the board with the remote controller as it responds well. 

Moreover, you can also ride this board like a manual board when it is not charged. But I don’t think you will feel the need to if you charge it fully. Surely, it is a great board for commuting, cruising and carving, also it’s lightweight enough to carry around when you are not riding it.

  • Good speed
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable material
  • Has some additional features
  • The battery starts to die fast after 2 to 3 months

7: Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard Dual Brushless Motor Longboard 

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard Dual Brushless Motor Longboard

Hiboy S22 is a high-speed board that lets you cover 20 mph and can carry up to 220 lbs of weight. A great speed with a smooth and comfortable ride is guaranteed with this board. You won’t feel difficult to keep it stable even on bumpy surfaces with the high-quality wheels.

It’s a really beautiful board with an attractive design on it. The deck has a concave design which is great for grip and stability. However, the size and material of the deck make it a little heavy. But that makes it quite durable for carrying heavy weight. 

All the parts of the board are the best quality wise. I tightened the trucks as they seemed to be a little loose. Once tightened, they performed really well.

On my last ride, I went uphill on this board, and it rolled at a good speed. 

It has 4 speed range modes and 4 brakes that can be changed easily with the remote controller even while riding. It’s a beneficial feature for professional riders and also for the commuters as they will be able to maintain the speed on busy roads.

Besides professionals and commuters, this board is safe and enjoyable even for the kids. So great for professionals as well as beginners. You can easily learn longboarding. Just make sure not to reach high speeds initially as it may get difficult for you to control it. Once you get practiced, it will get easier for you. 

It will go long miles for you with an adequate battery life of almost 8 to10 miles at normal speed. However, the speed decelerates when the battery is less than half. I usually use the board to cruise around or commute sometimes so I can’t tell exact miles. 

On checking the price first, you might feel it’s expensive but do give it a try, it’s worth the price.

  • Sturdy
  • Worth the price
  • Stable and comfortable ride
  • Adequate speed and battery life
  • Good for both beginners and professionals
  • A little heavy 
  • Speeds start to decrease as the battery decreases

8: Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard
Specs: 22 MPH Top Speed, 760W Dual Motor, 11 Miles Range, 14.5 Lbs, 10 Layers Maple Longboard

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard

I bought a Teamgee H5 Electric skateboard for going uphill and am satisfied as I made the right choice. This is one of the best boards I have owned. Even for the uphilling, it goes pretty fast and smooth.

The highest speed you can go at this board is 20 miles per hour which is sufficient for almost every style of longboarding on flat surfaces as you go faster on flat surfaces. However, you can exceed upto 22 miles per hour if you are able to control it at that much speed. 

I have no complaints about any part of this longboard. For the speed that it offers, the wheels are highly reliable and let you enjoy a smooth ride. They run over the bumpy surfaces and small rocks or pebbles steadily. As the deck is made of maple wood and fiberglass so it’s a durable board and offers great flexibility. Even though it is a really thin board, it is definitely the best for carrying 160 to 170 lbs weight at a good speed. 

For your safety concerns, it is a certified electric longboard. In my 3 months of use, i haven’t noticed any safety issues. It is 3 inches high from the ground which is a perfect height for a stable ride. Controlling the board is easy with the remote controller. You can change speed level and directions instantly as the board responds well to the controller and thus you can accelerate or stop the board real quick. The flashlight of the controller seems to be good addition but i am not a night rider so wasn’t ever concerned about it. 

As for the battery life, it is sufficient for riding for more than an hour. It has been like that from the start-up to now after using it for 3 months. I hope it will be durable till the end. 

Lastly, the design and construction both make the board look amazing. So yes! This is a great board that comes at a great price.

  • Efficient 
  • Durable deck
  • Cool design
  • Long battery life
  • High speed level
  • Not waterproof
  • Grip tape gets loosed 
  • Wheel bite at sharp turns

9: RazorX Electric Skateboard

RazorX Electric Skateboard

razorX Electric skateboard has the best quality wheels, trucks and deck made of maple wood. It’s worth mentioning that even at this price which is very reasonable it competes with some other costly longboards. 

The deck can carry weight up to 150 lbs and goes wedll for a speed of 10 miles per hour. However, if you want more speed than this, this will not be a suitable board for you. To make it more clear, RazorX electric board performs well for cruising as well as commuting. Besides, being lightweight it is easy to carry around if you want a board for regular commuting. 

A little disappointed about the battery life but i think that is expected by a board at this price. It is reliable for using a maximum of one and a half hours continuously. 

As for the performance, it is a comfortable board to ride smoothly over smooth as well as rough surfaces with amazing quality wheels. Also, the remote controller to which the board responds efficiently. You can easily control the speed level and carving or turning of the board with the remote controller at your wrist attached with the wrist strap. But as i already mentioned, its neither for going fast nor for are the batteries and motor durable. Do not expect this board to last much longer.

Moreover, the deck is much stronger and more stable as compared to many other boards I owned before this one. With a grip tape that offers sufficient grip, it makes the ride easier for you. However, it would have been more of a nice board if it was waterproof. 

So the point is that, it’s a good deal to get this board if you are a beginner cruiser or commuter. But for professional riders, there are much better options available. If you are buying this board, do maintain it well to give the best performance till the end.

  • Offers stable ride
  • Amazing quality parts
  • Efficient and easy to control
  • Not waterproof
  • Only for beginners
  • Short battery life span

What to look for in an electric longboard:

There are a number of features of electric longboards you should consider while buying an electric longboard for different purposes of use. These features of longboards affect their performance making them reliable for a perfect ride. The best electric longboard may have them all. With these instructions, I am sure that you will be able to buy the right electric longboard for yourself and enjoy a fun and adventurous ride with safety. These include:

  • Battery life

You obviously need an electric longboard with longer battery life no matter for whatever purpose you are riding a longboard. An electric board that cannot let you ride for a longer period of time will be of no use. 

Besides considering how far a longboard can go before its charging gets low, you should find out how much time a battery would take to charge. As this is going to affect you a lot if you need a longboard for daily use as you cannot keep it charging all day long. Also, if it is not fully charged before use it will run out of battery in no time. 

  • Deck 

Maple, carbon fiber, and bamboo are the most commonly used materials for longboards. Considering the deck material and deck length of an electric longboard is as important as for a regular longboard. For a stable ride, you will need a deck with better grip and adjustments. The two types of deck, are stiff and flexible. A stiff deck either made of maple or carbon fiber is better for more stability and easy turning, however, does not roll as smoothly as a flexible deck. On the other hand, A flexible deck mostly made of bamboo material offers smoothness and comfort as it absorbs the vibration as the wheels roll. But it is not suitable for going with speed as it does not offer a stable ride like the stiff deck.

  • Type of Motor

There are two main types of motors used for electric longboards, hub motors and belt drives. Both have their own pros and cons. You should make sure to get the electric longboard with a more durable and well-functioning motor. If we compare both types of motors,   

Hub motors as compared to belt drives are:                                    

  • easy to maintain                          
  • Lightweight                                  
  • More Efficient 
  • Less noisy

While belt drives as compared to hub motors are:

  • Good for speed
  • Better at brake 
  • Durable
  • Easy to repair 
  • Brake 

One of the most important features of an electric longboard is its braking system. You have to stop a regular non-electric longboard manually with your foot by putting it down on the floor as it does not have a braking system. While, for stopping an electric longboard, there is a braking system that is mostly automatic. This means when you don’t need acceleration for going further such as while going downhill, they automatically start to use energy for charging the battery. Although it seems to be a great benefit of electric longboards, it does not work if the battery is 100% charged. If that happens, keep the speed slow or you can use a remote controller to stop the longboard.

  • Remote controller

How well you can control an electric longboard to some extent depends on how well you can control it with a remote controller. You can control the speed and brake by using a remote controller. As you will have to keep the controller at hand, it should have a comfortable grip and size. Also, there are some controllers with wrist straps so that you don’t drop them while riding. 

As the remote controller also needs to be charged, a remote controller with more features such as showing battery power or longer battery life will be a good choice if you are a regular rider.

Things to consider before buying an electric longboard in 2022

Besides the above features, look for an electric longboard that is more suitable for your riding style by considering the following aspects:

  • Durability of Longboard

As a professional or regular rider who is buying an electric longboard to use it as a source of transport, you definitely are concerned about the durability of the longboard.  Therefore, before deciding upon buying a board look for its warranty and also check its reviews. This will also let you know more about the brand and the performance of the longboard. 

However, just as the case with a regular longboard,  the durability of a longboard also depends on how well you maintain it. A fine quality electric longboard should last for more than 2 years minimum if kept well maintained.

  • Smooth or rough ride

Other than the features and quality of a longboard, the conditions you put it in affect its performance. There are a number of brands that have manufactured specifically designed electric longboards for cruising, commuting, carving, downhill and all other types of longboard riding. These boards have some additional features for performing well for that specific type of longboarding. Such as for smoother cruising or downhilling, a longboard should be able to offer more flexibility. Besides the type of longboarding, the condition of the surface that you will be riding on will also. For example, to ride smoothly on a rough surface you will need better quality wheels. 

Therefore, keep in mind the condition of the surface that you will be riding on to get a suitable longboard.

  • Safety of Longboard

Most of electric longboards are now safer than before. To check whether a board is safe or not, look if it has certified batteries or not. Certified means they are tested for safe use. Moreover, check the reviews of customers who have bought that model of electric longboard. If the batteries are not safe, they can cause an explosion and damage the board as well as hurt you. Even if you are buying a low cost electric skateboard, it should be safe to use.

After buying a board if you suspect that something is off about the batteries, contact the manufacturer about it and don’t ride the board until the repair. Moreover, using safety gear such as a helmet is necessary for a safer ride. 

  • Longboard Speed 

The maximum speed you can attain riding a longboard is 20 miles per hour. An average quality electric longboard will be able to cover at least 15 miles per hour. It’s not necessary that you should have a longboard with the highest speed as long as it’s not required for your style of longboarding or unless you are a professional rider. So you can go for an electric longboard with 15 miles per hour or a little more for commuting or cruising around.

  • Easy to control

For a longboard ride to be safe and sound, you should be able to control the board comfortably. As an electric longboard is controlled by a remote controller, the remote of an electric longboard should be comfortable to hold for the rider. Also, you should be able to press the right buttons at the right time. Therefore, besides getting a reliable remote controller, learn to properly use it before riding. It will be much safer to check the working of the remote controller before every ride.


There are various great options for buying an electric longboard. However, in terms of performance and reliability, MEEPO electric skateboard, Breeze II, and Blizzard longboards are the best. They all offer good speed and a smooth, stable ride. Also, they are available at the best prices. Besides these, for kids and teens, Swagtron electric longboard is the best of all.

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