10 Best longboards for Cruising 2022 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

10 Best Longboards For Cruising 2022 - Top Picks, Reviews & buying Guide
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Speed is Great for Cruising
  • Comfortable and Smooth
  • Price is Reasonable

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Who doesn’t want to cruise around with the best longboard? Every longboarder wants to add more spark to his ride by riding one of the best boards ever. For 2022, you have various options of the best longboards for cruising from which you can choose the one you like the most, and that goes with your budget.

Longboarding is not just a sport. It is a cause to relax, and entertainment and can be used for transportation as well. If you are a newbie, you might be unaware of the term “cruising.” Well, when you ride a longboard through the streets or parks just for some relaxation and pleasure without any pressure, you are basically cruising around with your longboard.

Best longboards for Cruising

Longboarding can be of various kinds, including freestyling longboarding, downhill longboarding, freeriding longboarding, carving longboarding, sliding, and cruising. But the kind that all longboarders, including beginners, average, or professionals, go from time to time is cruising. It is the most basic type of longboarding but even a pro or racer will sometimes need to get a break from the hard sport to enjoy the perks of weather by cruising around the streets or parks.

However, being an amateur rider who only opts for cruising with a little bit of all kinds of longboarding, you can buy a board specially designed just for cruising. A board that looks good offers a smooth ride and is under your budget.

Read the following buying guide to understand how to buy the best longboard for cruising, and then choose the board you like the most from the list below.

Top Picks of Best Longboards for Cruising

Slendor Longboard for Cruising
  • Speed is Great for Cruising
  • Comfortable and Smooth
  • Price is reasonable
B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard
  • Fair Price
  • Smooth and Flexible Enough
Hana Longboard Skateboard Collection
  • Design is Beautiful
  • Smooth Ride

Buying Guide for a Cruiser Longboard:

It’s always better to buy a product that is up to your mark after properly learning about its features and benefits. It is not hard to discover the best Longboards for cruising. You just need to know the qualities a reasonable longboard offers. 

Stability of Longboards

For cruising or even any other kind of longboarding, buy a board that is stable enough to provide a smooth ride. If the board does not have stability, you will face difficulty in controlling and turning it.

However, an unstable board gets frequently tapped to the wheels on bumpy surfaces, which can cause an accident. It affects the quality of a ride and causes you to slow down. Due to frequently pressing against the wheels, it damages the wheels. 

The main factor that affects the stability of a board is its shape and the size of parts attached to it. Best longboards for cruising with large wheelbases are more stable than ones with a small wheelbase. So, before buying the best longboard, check out its stability and smoothness.

The Flexibility of the Deck for the Best Longboards for Cruising

You will need a longboard that flexes at a moderate level for cruising. Normally, as a beginner or an average rider, longboarders choose a board around 33 inches in length that has normal flexibility.

You can enjoy a smooth ride only if your longboard is flexible enough to offer one. However, too much flexibility can cause it to slip, making it impossible to ride at speed or perform stunts and sliding. So make sure to understand the level of flexibility a longboard has before buying.

Smooth Wheels and Bearings of Longboards

Wheels are the operating parts of the longboard. As a result, they must be absolutely capable of rolling smoothly. The rolling power of a wheel depends on several factors, including its size, the deck size, softness or hardness of wheels, and their compatibility with the deck.  

You need to go smoothly for cruising, and wheels not matching the size of your deck can be a significant hurdle to that. Always find a board with the perfect size of wheels or choose wheels of the size that you are comfortable with. 

If you like to cruise at high speed, then go for bigger wheels as they cover distance more fastly while smaller wheels go slower. Moreover, we suggest you get harder wheels for cruising on rough roads. 

Besides wheels, bearings also play a role in the excellent performance of a longboard. You should look for the quality and size of bearings and also how they are fixed to the wheels to enhance their capacity.

The quality of a bearing does not depend on its ABEC ratings. Some bearings with low ABEC ratings are more resistant than bearings with high ABEC ratings so go for recommendations and reviews to determine the quality of bearings. Other than that, make sure your bearings are perfect in size for the wheels of your board. 

If you don’t like the actual bearings or wheels of a longboard you can always change them to turn your longboard into a better cruiser.  

Quality of Truck

Wheels are fixed to the trucks of a longboard. There are two types of decks, top-mounted and drop-through decks. The base plate of trucks top-mounted is not visible on the top of the deck, while for a drop through the deck, trucks have their base plate above on the deck. 

As they are attached to the trucks, the capacity of the wheels is determined by the tightness of the trucks. They are mostly adjustable. For simple cruising, keep them tight enough to go smoothly so that they don’t let the longboard wobble around. However, tightening the trucks more than their bearing ability can also be a problem.  

The size of trucks also matters. Buy a cruiser longboard with trucks that do not exceed the width of a longboard so that you cant see them coming out from the top. It will prevent the longboard from wobbling or wheel biting and let you go faster.           

Size of a Longboard for Cruising

The length of a deck for cruising should be between 33 to 38 inches or a maximum of 40 inches. However, this length is perfect for making a turn easily and makes the longboard stable enough to keep the longboard moving smoothly.

Furthermore, you can comfortably stand on a deck of this length and control the board with a total capacity. If you choose a longboard bigger in size, it provides more stability but makes it challenging to cruise with the heaviness. The heavier a longboard is, the slower you can ride it.  

Strong and Stiff Longboards for Cruising

Even for slow and easy cruising, you should always buy a board with a strong deck so that it last longer. Decks made of Maple hardwood are the most high-quality decks. They can easily carry heavy weights around 250 lbs.  

You will need a strong board for both, bearing weight and lasting longer even after riding on roads having bumps on them. A strong board also means that it should be able to let your foot stick well to the deck. The better the grip tape and deck, the greater the accuracy you’ll have.

List of Best Longboards for Cruising

1: Slendor Longboard for Cruising

Slendor Longboard for cruising

Slendor longboard is one of the best cruising longboards. It is strong due to its maple Hardrock and the amazing quality products used to make it, which includes a camber-shaped deck that flexes enough to keep your ride smooth.  

After the strongness and stiffness of the deck, the quality of the wheels adds to the smoothness of the ride. Slendor longboard has high-quality soft wheels attached to it that easily roll over hard and rough surfaces. You wouldn’t need to replace them for slow cruising, but you can upgrade them later if you want to.

The bearings are great, and they roll speedily and smoothly. The only drawback of this longboard is that you will have to do something about the trucks and bushings. Adjust the trucks for the speed you like and definitely change the bushings. 

 So it’s an excellent longboard for starters and leisurely cruising. But the paint on board is maybe the thing you won’t like. However, for this price and the quality of the board, you will have to compromise on that if you are just a beginner.

The board does not bother you with speed. I didn’t make any replacement for that as it’s already the best for it. You can enjoy cruising, downhill longboarding, and freestyle riding with it as it makes smooth sharp turns. However, it is not for professionals and racers.   

They have added knee and elbow pads for a safe ride. The size of the pads is suitable for teens, so they might or might not be handy for you as an adult.

  • Speed is Great for Cruising
  • Comfortable and Smooth
  • Price is Reasonable
  • Trucks were Too Tight
  • Paint is Worthless

2: B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard For Cruising

B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard For Cruising

The B BAIJIAWEI board is a drop-through one of the length of 41 inches. It gives you sufficient space for easy control. The flexibility of the board is as much as required for cruising. You can comfortably cover large distances while cruising smoothly.   

It has a solid, long-lasting deck made of maple hardwood that can bear a maximum of 220 pounds of weight. Besides having a strong deck, it also has high-quality trucks that make it even more solid. But these trucks being covered by soft bushings feels soft.

At some point, you will need to be careful about the board getting unbalanced and pushing against the wheels, so I don’t think it’s a comfortable ride for speed. But if you are a beginner and only want a longboard for cruising, then it is one of the best options.

There is no need to be concerned regarding replacing the wheels. The attached wheels are already the best for cruising. But to keep them protected from any damage, make sure to adjust them to the trucks properly and tighten the trucks as much as needed; otherwise, they will not roll smoothly.  

Grip tape is also well functioning, and the design of the board is very attractive. Long story short, you will surely love this masterpiece specially designed as a cruiser for a long but average-speed ride.

  • Fair Price
  • Smooth and flexible Enough
  • Not for Speed

3: Hana Longboard Skateboard Collection

Hana Longboard Skateboard Collection

Hana longboard is made out of bamboo and maple wood that is very smooth, and although it does not have shock absorbers, it flexes enough to allow you to cruise around smoothly. If you like, you can install shock absorbers. It is capable of giving the best ride at speed with its unique thick deck. Moreover, a beginner or professional can go as fast as they want to without falling.

The board is purely designed for cruising and freestyling by professionals who have done their best to need the requirements of a cruiser longboard. I was impressed by its simple yet creative design and the way it works for grip without a grip tape.  

The deck has a shape and length to provide proper space for your feet. Wheels do not press against the deck because of their ideal shape and size. Also, they are attached to the trucks in the correct position, which lets them roll easily.  

It is a little hefty due to its length and height, but not excessively so. You can carry it for cruising to the beaches or parks also. For stability, the board is made low in height that is also easy to push against the ground.  

The only thing you will need to do is to keep the bearings and trucks lubricated enough for proper working. Keep them clean and well maintained to enjoy a perfect cruise ride with this longboard at a reasonable price.

  • Design is Beautiful
  • Smooth Ride
  • We need to add Shock Absorbers

4: Quest Super Cruiser 44” Longboard

Quest Super Cruiser 44'' Longboard

Quest super cruiser is perfect in regards to the strongness and quality of board that is a product of bamboo and maple hardwood. It offers a comfortable ride with the ability to flex perfectly and bear a weight of about 200 lbs or maybe a little more easily. So, it can be ridden by beginners or adults.  

I heard that the bearings that came with it are of no use and need to be replaced by some better bearings. And that was kind of true. The quality of bearings was not good for even a beginner so buy some quality bearings for this board.

Other than bearings, wheels, and trucks are good in functioning. Wheels are hard and roll smoothly, while the trucks need to be loosened a little for once, and then you can count on them. Both work smoothly and flexibly for easy turning. 

When I experienced the first ride on this board, the bushings seemed to make an unusual noise, so you will have to consider changing them too to make your ride more smooth. Lastly, you can use this longboard after a few replacements.

  • Not Too Expensive
  • Strong Deck
  • For Beginner’s Cruising
  • Need to Replace Bearings
  • Bushings Make a Weird Noise

5: Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop-through Complete Longboard

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop-through Complete Longboard

Sector 9 blue wave longboard makes cruising comfortable with its smoothness and steadiness. Although I don’t like to cruise at high speed, I once tried and reached an incredible speed with it. However, you might need to kick with your foot more frequently than other longboards.

The wheels offer a perfect smooth cruising experience as they are stable and soft with a wheelbase that keeps them from rising from the ground even on rough, bumpy surfaces. Some buyers complained about the different colors of wheels they received from the one shown in the picture.

Being a drop-through longboard, it offers both a cruising ride as well as freeriding. Cruising gets even more relaxing when you don’t have to worry about maintaining balance, and this longboard offers an easy grip to enhance your riding experience. 

Changing the bearings can make the longboard even better for cruising. The trucks allow the board to make turns smoothly, and the board flexes really well. What else do you expect from a cruiser? For more improvement in the performance, you can change the bushings of the trucks.    

Dirt gets easily stuck to the grip tape with your feet. So you will have to clean it from time to time to avoid any permanent spots and protect the beautiful design on the board.

  • Shape is Perfect
  • Grip is Superb
  • Trucks are Stable Once Tightened
  • Need to Change the Bushings of Trucks

6: Loaded Icarus

Loaded Icarus

The loaded Icarus gives you a comfortable ride around streets and parks for cruising. It flexes just the right amount for easy turns and simple tricks. It is fast enough and has big wheels to roll over somewhat hilly surfaces.

Besides cruising, you will for sure love it for freeriding, commuting, or carving. One of my friends recommended me this longboard, and he rides it to the college daily. It is stable for a safe ride and doesn’t have to push it again and again. 

The design of this longboard Is clearly designed for maximum feasibility. It has camber shaped and concave design with sufficient space for your feet. As the wheels are extensive so this shape also plays a role in preventing wheel bites.

Overall the board is solid and durable, but it can carry a maximum of 200 pounds for simple cruising; for more weight, it may bend down too much, making it challenging to ride. Although the description says it can bear this much weight, I found it uncomfortable.

Trucks are fine and steady, allowing the wheels to move smoothly even at high speed. But the bearings are problematic and will stop the wheels from reaching their full capacity. So it’s better to buy suitable bearings for it.   

The grip is incredible and keeps your foot in the center. A beginner can ride this board without any fear of slipping for cruising and freeriding at a manageable speed. Lastly, I found the board good-looking with just a little craggy coat of paint near the grip tape.

  • Great for Speed
  • The Shape is Perfect for a Smooth Ride
  • Big Wheels for Better Speed and Stability
  • Need to Replace Bearings
  • Bushings Make a Weird Noise

7: Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

Quest QT- NSC44C super cruiser has a simple but elegant styled deck with the appropriate length and weight. It is 44 inches in length with 7 inches of width and is top-mounted, which means you get enough space for your feet.    

The board is worth it for having the perfect shape, size, design, and material for this price. It is totally recommended to anyone who wants the best longboard for cruising. Furthermore, It is built of high-quality maple wood, making it a robust and long-lasting board. 

I used it for cruising for the first time but stopped to adjust the trucks as they were loose and the wheels were not moving smoothly. After changing the trucks, they were stable enough to provide a comfortable ride with smoothness. 

The bearings run smoothly and add to the speed of the wheels. They have an ABEC rating of 7, which might be low compared to some costly longboards, but they still work well and are durable.

The size of the bushings is also a perfect fit for this board. So the quality of all parts makes it a great choice for cruising, freestyling, or going downhill. It is strong enough to weight up to 250 lbs without compromising on the speed.

  • All Parts are Best in Quality
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Trucks need to be Tightened

8: Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards

The magneto bamboo carbon fiber is a drop-through longboard that is able to provide a smooth ride for cruising and carving. The longboard’s height from the ground makes it sturdy and approachable. Moreover, the length and width of the concave-shaped deck are perfect. It is also a little arched, making it easier to ride. 

Besides bamboo, carbon fiber also increases the strength of the deck. Both make it strong enough to bear weight up to 200 lbs easily. In addition to strongness, it is also flexible to a great extent making it suitable for turning with ease.   

Furthermore, it has fantastic quality and shape of the deck with well-working grip tape. But the quality of some parts of the longboard at not up to the mark. However, bearings and wheels, which are the most important for speed, do not roll like they should for a smooth ride. Also, the trucks are not suitable for the size of wheels, and bearings, so it’s difficult to remove and change them. 

If you change the parts of this board with better ones, then the board is excellent for cruising. Easy to ride, thus suitable for beginners also the cost is reasonable. You can also learn downhilling and carve with it the stability it provides.

  • Super Steady
  • Perfect Shape and Size
  • Stable for Ride
  • Low-Quality Parts
  • Loosened Trucks

9: Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer, Rasta

Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer, Rasta

Santa Cruz youth land shark Cruzer is a perfect longboard for cruising and doing tricks, even on bumpy surfaces. For doing tricks and riding on the hills, its grip of sand spray lets you ride without any fear of losing balance. In addition to the grip, its shape makes it more controllable by providing as much space as you may need.  

The Cruzer has all the parts well adjusted; for example, the trucks and wheels are smooth in working with the perfect level of adjustment. You can make turns while cruising without any difficulty. The only component that need replacement are the bearings, which might have been much better. They could have been much better.  

Furthermore, It has nice graphics on both sides, up and down. The big wheels are not only great for speed but move without making any noise. You can cruise with this board and also ride it on bumpy surfaces. For bumps, its shape and the kicktail come in handy. 

You can sometimes go for carving with this Cruzer, but that should only be a now and then thing because carving needs more quality parts. But the board is a specialty for cruising and for downhilling within a speed limit.

  • Easy Turning
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Maximum Grip
  • Not for Speed
  • Bearings are not Grea

10: Volador Complete Cruiser Longboard

Volador Complete Cruiser Longboard

volador cruiser longboard is specially designed for cruising with the camber-shaped deck and drop through trucks that let you control the board for speed and tricks like kickflipping. It is a strong board with a deck made of maple rock for carrying a weight of more than 200 lbs easily.

I did downhill with the board once and reached a speed of 37 mph but going more than that seemed dangerous. So if you want simple cruising or starter-level downhilling, you can definitely choose this board. 

It’s a longboard with flexibility and easy turning with high-quality trucks. You can opt for high speed for cruising smoothly with the big wheels, even on bumpy surfaces. With the advantage of high speed, the board seems a choice for both beginners and pros. But the speed should only be for cruising.    

The amazing grip tape is another quality that lets you ride smoothly at high speed. It gives a comfortable ride and lets beginners control the board easily. Although you will have to adjust and tighten the trucks that surely doesn’t count as a disadvantage. 

Besides, it is good in size and also strong but not heavy. The graphics are also attractive making the ride more fun so it’s a definite yes for buying this board for cruising.

  • Speed is Good
  • No need to Replace any Parts
  • Big Wheels for Rough Surface
  • The Deck Tilts a Little
  • Bearings are Fine for Cruising Only

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