Is Longboarding Hard – A beginners guide [2022]

Is Longboarding Hard - A beginners guide

Longboarding is definitely one of the best ways to get enormous joys. The pleasure that longboarding comes with is definitely beyond any other such thing. Besides its fun, happiness, and benefits, the freshers’ question often arises: Is longboarding Hard?

Well, some will tell you that it’s just as easy as riding a bicycle, and some will tell you that it’s actually challenging to practice longboarding. Both the statements are voracious as it all depends on how one person sees it.

It also depends upon a person’s personal skills. If a person engages in longboarding with great eagerness and enthusiasm, they can be a voracious rider. Because we all know, practice makes the man perfect.

Longboarding Difficulty – A Beginners Guide

Longboarding Difficulty - A Beginners Guide

As a beginner, you have to work on balancing yourself and afterward on leaning to turn and applying foot brakes. You might have heard that longboards are much easier to ride than skateboards. Why is it so?

Well, the reason is that longboards provide you with a large surface area to balance yourself. Moreover, the longboards also provide long wheelbases and more enormous decks, which provide the rider the comfort to move around having a large room and a stance.

Keeping in sight our experience, we shall say that longboarding is not that hard, and if you have some boarding experience already, you would learn it even faster.

However, if you are a newbie, it may take you some more time to adjust to longboarding, but practicing shall work out for you.

Longboarding Difficulty – Longboards Customization

The main difficulty beginners face is that they don’t get their longboards customized to their boarding style. For longboarding, one should define his riding style and then go with it.

If you don’t know what your boarding style is, you can’t get yourself the perfect longboard.  And so, you can’t become consummate at longboarding.

For selecting the ideal longboard that fits best for you, you have to try a few boards and then decide on your faultless one.

Longboarding Difficulty – Stance

Longboarding Difficulty - Stance

When you start learning longboarding, you have first to find your stance. Everyone has their own divergent stances. However, there are two common ways to stand, i.e., goofy and regular

  • Goofy:

In this way, the rider stands with his right foot forward.

  • Regular:

In this way, the rider stands with his left foot forward.

While riding, you must keep your feet in a comfortable posture. So, you can have a better and safe ride. Longboarding is more advantageous as it provides a lot of extra space so you can move your feet and don’t stiff in one position.

After you have learned about the two stances, figure out your posture and go with it. A pretty primary but convenient method is to push your body up yourself with any foot right or left which you want to use and seems easier for you.

Whereas, some people still face difficulties. And so, for them, there is another way to find their right foot. Let someone push you from behind, and automatically you’ll figure out which foot you are going to use as your front foot.

Longboarding Difficulty - Stance

Longboarding Difficulty – Push

Longboarding Difficulty - Stance

Learning how to push yourself on a longboard is not any algebra. You just need to make yourself forward with the foot on the back. Having a low stance shall provide the best pushing results, but you can go with other perspectives as well.

However, this all depends on your ease and comfort. With a lower center of gravity, your body will have an outstanding balance, and the pushing phenomenon would be easier and better. You can get this at a common position.

Moreover, with the passage of time, the longboarders practice-changing positions and quote ways. Once you are excelled in longboarding, this shall work for you.

With a lot of practicing and a proper learning scheme, you can play a natural rhythm of pushing, and the longboard will become just an expansion of your body.

Longboarding Difficulty – Age

Longboarding Difficulty - Age

Longboarding may or may not depend on a person’s age. An aged person can still do longboarding as a young athlete if he is fit and healthy.

Although children have a superior ability to pick up things faster and they are more fit and active, they can be quick in learning and riding longboards. Adults however are also quick learners and can be perfect at longboarding.

Moreover, if you are in your late 40s or 50s, you can still do longboarding. If you are perfectly fine and free of any kind of health issues, you can perform as an adult.

Longboarding Difficulty – Fitness

Longboarding however demands fitness. Only a healthy and fit body can perform longboarding or any other sport. If you are young but not fit, you are not supposed to do longboarding.

On the other hand, an older adult can perform well in longboarding if he is healthy and motivated. Your strong muscles, best health, and better blood circulation are all required for achieving any sport or game. In short, only a healthy person can enjoy longboarding.

Longboarding Difficulty – Height

It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are. Everyone can perform longboarding, whether they are four feet or six, and more. All you need is to balance your body perfectly on the longboard, and that’s it.

You might have noticed that every type of body doing longboarding on roads and oceans as well. So, height is not a factor to be worried ab0out in longboarding.

Practice Practice Practice

Everything that you want to excel in requires practice. After learning all the skills and techniques, it’s time for the longboarders to start practicing more and more and get the learned skills into work.

More and more practice will make you skilled, and you will get to learn more about the board and boarding. Practicing will let you decide on your perfect position. You have to do practice on a daily basis to learn fast and more.

You can improve yourself more by learning every stance. When you become perfect at one perspective, you can start practicing other styles, switch your feet, and practice changing the positions as well.

Conclusion – Is Longboarding Hard

Have you started longboarding, but you are facing difficulty in doing this? Then, you should know that Is Longboarding Hard or not. Our stance is that longboarding is not as complicated as people think it is. It may seem complex, but you can become a great longboarder by learning the skills and doing a lot of practice. Every skill leans on the other, so the next is easier to understand once you know the one. This way the learning curve becomes more accessible and better. Don’t hurry during the learning phase. Instead, take as much time as required to learn. This shall be worth it and prove better.

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